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Selection Automation

  • Complete HR Journey
  • Selection process through Gmail accounts
  • Domain installation from Marketplace
  • Consent authorization from user
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HR Journey

1. Selection

Selection process through Gmail accounts

2. Onboarding

First day in the company process

3. Ongoing

Tools for everyday work

3. Offboarding

Automation of farewell process

Featured cases

Custom Questions

Perform custom questions to candidates from specialists.


Collect employees info and availability schedules for sharing with coworkers.

Custom AI Process

Notiwork offers the possibility of creating processes with AI.

Special cases

Each company has custom requirements that Notiwork can adapt.

Share info and Docs

Notiwork acts as a share tool. A chat is then sent to the recipients.

Team introduction

Any user can ask for information provided by each user.

Candidates Journey

A complete panel for HR administration